About Us

The goal of the ReUse Market is to keep clean, reusable art/craft materials out of the landfill and put them into the hands of artists, crafters, teachers, and others who can repurpose them into imaginative works of art as well as useful personal or household items.

The ReUse Market is entirely operated through the efforts of community-conscious volunteers and donors. With your generous and ongoing support, the ReUse Market can continue its mission to serve our creative and environmentally aware community.

Because we are an organization staffed entirely by volunteers, it is always best to check our Hours and Location page before your visit, to confirm we are open.

What is the ReUse Market?

The ReUse Market, a Boise, Idaho nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization, collects clean, reusable art and craft materials that might otherwise end up in a landfill, and makes them available to teachers, artists, crafters, and the general public for their creative reuse.

How did it start?

The ReUse Market began in 2006 with Tracy Cochran, when she found that in her interior design business, lots of fun, unique sample materials were getting thrown away. She thought the materials might be put to good re-use if they could get into the hands of artists, students, crafters, and other creative-minded individuals. She was right!

After five years, Tracy wanted to focus more on traveling and passed the reins in Fall 2011 to the staff of another interior design firm—Kieffer Design Group in downtown Boise, Idaho.

In 2014, the ReUse Market was temporarily closed while an advisory board searched for a new location and additional volunteers to continue its mission.

In February 2015, the ReUse Market co-located with North End Organic Nursery at 3777 W. Chinden Blvd., in Garden City, ID.

We Need You!

Although the Market now has a new location, the board is seeking volunteers and additional board members to guide the market toward future success. We look forward to seeing the ReUse Market expand to its full potential and welcome both individual and corporate support.

Our primary needs remain:

  1. Identify a larger body of volunteers to expand and maintain Market operations
  2. Find donors, grants, and sponsorship monies to support the retail space
  3. Identify artists and like-minded community organizations to support the mission

If you’re interested in becoming a part of this evolution or have any resources to donate to the endeavor, please Contact Us with your information and ideas.

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