@ The Market

Our inventory is always changing, but these materials can almost always be found at the market:

  • Fabric remnants for quilting and other projects;
  • Wallpaper books and pages– several different styles;
  • Fabric squares – many sizes and textures;
  • Paint chip samples;
  • Tile pieces (various sizes);
  • Carpet squares;
  • Misc. office supplies;
  • Toilet paper, Paper towel rolls, and misc. empty containers (perfect for kids’ crafts);
  • Small wood flooring samples;
  • Mailing tubes;
  • Corks;
  • Bottle caps (currently out of stock);
  • Lots of CDs;
  • CD cases;
  • Scrapbooking paper;
  • Suede scraps (mostly red and purple);
  • and more!

How much do things cost?

Minimal costs are applied to materials in order to cover operating expenses. Since there is constant varying inventory, we ask that you visit frequently to check prices and keep in mind that we aim to offer new and partially used materials at least half-off of retail prices, and often price used materials to pennies on the dollar.