Market Spotlight – Volunteer Judy Wojcicki

The ReUse Market is an entirely volunteer-run organization — it is our volunteers that make it possible for us to continue to keep high quality arts and craft supplies out of the landfill and available to our local artists, teachers, parents, and makers of all sorts, at an affordable price.

Judy Wojcicki has been a volunteer with ReUse Market since we moved to Garden City. Learn about Judy’s journey and what keeps her dedicated to creative reuse.

Images: Hand-made journals from a class that Judy taught at the Boise Public Library with materials found at ReUse Market.

journal large

How long have you been volunteering with ReUse Market?

I’ve been devoting my time as a ReUse Market volunteer for the past 2 ½ years. However, I’ve supported the Market far longer as a loyal customer. As a teacher, I was delighted to be able to acquire interesting and affordable materials for the classroom—all in keeping with a strong personal and classroom commitment to the Market’s mission of keeping art/craft materials out of the landfill and putting them back into the hands of artists (in this case, into the hands of young, talented and aspiring artists). There was never a doubt in my mind that upon retirement I would “give back” to an organization that gave me so very much. I enjoy contributing time and energy as well as the donation of materials.

Why do you enjoy volunteering at ReUse Market?

The most gratifying aspect of my volunteer work has been the opportunity to meet talented artists and crafters. They are a constant source of inspiration. Seeing and spending time with “repeat customers” is like spending time with family and brings a strong sense of community to the overall mission of the Market.

What has been your favorite or most unusual find with ReUse Market?

From the first day I arrived as a volunteer, I greatly admired a beautiful book press. Book art is an area of interest I had hoped to pursue in retirement. Months passed as I admired this incredible donation—reluctant to make the purchase because of my lack of practical experience in the field of book art (as though I had not yet earned the right to make the purchase). Because of my hesitation, I lost out on the purchase. However, my pure joy came when I personally sold the press to a talented, local book artist. My joy came in meeting the artist and knowing that it had found its way to a perfect home.

What kind of crafting do you enjoy doing?

I have always been a “Jack of All Trades-Master of None.”  I’m a “life long learner” who enjoys discovering and experimenting with all sorts of artistic media and creative ideas. Our customers and volunteer colleagues help further my retirement interests with their willingness to share their expertise and words of encouragement. I enjoy sharing artistic ideas and projects with youth and adult audiences and am always excited about the opportunities we have as an organization to offer art and craft experiences in a variety of different venues and in collaboration with other community partners.


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